What is the Lazarus Burial Fund?

The Lazarus Burial Fund was established in 1988 by the Managing Director of the Lazarus Funeral Home – Michael O’Brian. The Fund is a non-money making venture designed to enable the less fortunate of our country to have a decent burial. The Lazarus Burial Fund is designed to cover the burial expense for one person at the time of his/her death.

Who can enter?

The Lazarus Burial Fund is open to persons who are in good to reasonably good health (not terminally ill) whose ages range from 1 – 60 years, whereby they receive full benefits during death, whether or not the full sum of $3000.00 is achieved. Also, that the account is up to date at the time of death.

Persons above 60 years can still be accepted but at the time of death will be charged the difference of what was recorded as paid by the deceased.

How are records kept?

Every member of the Lazarus Burial Fund has a memo book in which payments are recorded. The payments are also recorded at the Funeral Home’s Office. At the time of a member’s death, the book – which then becomes the property of the Lazarus Funeral Home – must be handed to the Manager or Secretary when making funeral arrangements or before the body leaves the Funeral Home to proceed to the Church for service.

What are the benefits?

The benefits offered by the Lazarus Burial Fund are as follows:-

Members get a coffin valued at $1000.00. For coffins exceeding the said amount, the family will pay the difference.
  • Free transportation of body and Hearse Hire.
  • One free night body preservation.
  • Funeral Service and Burial Spot will be paid for by the Funeral Home.
  • The dressing of the body will be paid for by the Funeral Home.
  • Death announcements, floral arrangements and leaflets will be paid for by the family.
What are the fees like?

Members of the Lazarus Burial Fund have to accumulate a total of $2500.00 throughout membership. After this amount is achieved, all payments are ceased. Payments are as follows:-

$45.00 - Entrance Fee
$20.00 - Monthly Fee


$240.00 Yearly Fee

What is needed for entrance into the Lazarus Burial Fund?

If you have decided to enter the Lazarus Burial Fund, you will need to:-
  • Come in to register in person
  • Walk with your Identification Card, Passport or Driver’s License
  • Walk with $45.00 for Entrance Fee
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